Meet Robert

Meet Robert

This is Robert.

Robert is my cousin. We also call him “Bob” or “What are you doing here?”

Robert is a roofer by trade. He’s also the handiest guy I know.

When I said, “Hey Robert, I want to turn this really old trailer into something else, can you do that for me?”

He didn’t say “Why?” or “How much are you going to pay me?” (ok, well he did say this but I’m pretty sure it was a joke??????)

He just got to work.

One day I will repay Robert with real money but for now I just tell him how much I appreciate all that he has done for me, and somehow, for him, that is enough. That is true, selfless love. That is family.

Robert is sitting in an Airstream trailer, admiring his work for the day as he transforms it into Edmonton's first Airstream Boutique.

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