2018 was a huge year for my little shop. It has been a year of firsts, 100ths, and 1000ths. PLUS + I bought my Airstream in the spring which was terrifying but a dream come true.

It's almost too iconic to change, but as we pull a few things out here and there, I can envision the store coming together and my heart grows 3 sizes each time.

Obsessed with you.

 Hundreds of orders have rolled through this year. It's like, you find my shop, find something you like, and then decide that I'm trustworthy enough to proceed - and for that I THANK YOU!

You never know what you're going to get with online shopping, and while we patiently wait for the in-person experience of shopping in an Airstream, I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect with my very first consignors and customers that have trusted me, often sight unseen. 

I try to do some special little things when possible, like little love notes, or accommodating requests and pick-up times. I hope to always be able to do these things for you because every time you place an order you are doing something special for me.

Forward-Looking Statements

As I've learned from my 9-5 job in communications and investor relations for two public companies, I should preface this section with this disclaimer:

My goals for 2019 are made using forward-looking statements. Basically, I'm guessing at what I'll get done based on my best intentions, but while making gross assumptions on how this year is going to go regarding possible events, conditions, and so forth. Therefore you should not take them as fact and when I don't complete them you aren't allowed to call me out. ok thnx. 


Here are my intentions for 2019:

  • Refresh the content on my website to give better information, specifically on the questions I've gotten this year like how local-pick ups  and how our consignment process works
  • Diligently send out our consignment agreement to new and existing consignors (and enforce it, sorry pals)
  • Provide more photos and updates on the Airstream!
  • Offer you insight into my own shopping habits and experiences
  • Blog more... Now accepting topic requests in the comments sections


 In 2018 we participated in 4 pop-ups and markets, brought in 18 new consignors, paid out thousands of dollars, and shipped orders across Canada and the United States. 

Here are some of my favourite things that have sold this year:



 Love and Gratitude to you.

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